Apr. 4th, 2013

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Age: Adult.
Gender: Female.
Category: Everyday, separate bottom 
Details: 4 gradient tights with flower patterned wedges and plain skirts by Sentate, using a mesh by 
WhimsicalKrikkiter at GoS

This were asked for at LJ. Please note that the reason I did not release them when I first made them, is because in my opinion the skirt pixelation is awful. It is more obvious on the other colours. But eh, download and decide for yourselves I guess!

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Moira Hayes

Apr. 4th, 2013 08:28 pm
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Moira was requested by a user at MTS 

Name: Moira Hayes
Age and gender: Adult female
Personality: Aquarius with a Family aspiration and a shy personality
Credits: Eyebrows are by Mouseyblue; makeup by Mouseyblue, me, Maron, and Lilith; eyes by Mousey; clothes by Pyxis and Yuichen ; skin by Mouseyblue; hair is by Trapping. 

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Adelie Dye

Apr. 4th, 2013 08:33 pm
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People at tumblr seemed to like her, so here she is! 

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Name: Adelie Dye
Age and gender: Adult female
Personality: Taurus with a Popularity aspiration. I have her in an actress career in my game. 
Credits: Eyebrows are by Vivian; makeup by AlfredAskew, Martini, MouseyBlue, Lilith; eyes by AlfredAskew; clothes by Alisa ; skin by Mouseyblue; hair is by Time Paradox;  accessory is by XenoriaRose. 

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