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"Nymphy's Nouk & Pooklet curls"
 resource for other creators

Download at Box.net

(Alternative link:)
Download at Mediafire

These were made about a month and I'm going to post them up here so you too can curlify to your heart's content (: The base for these belongs to Nouk (from her Long Wavy hair) which I edited and added some curled lockets of Pooklet's textures. The result is some very fine curls which looks awesome on appropriate meshes! There is such a lack of curly hairs out there and I leapt on Nouk's curly texture and am in the process of making loads of curly hairs :P

Credit for the textures therefore goes to Nouk, Pooklet and Pinketamine (who Pooklet'd the texture for me in Volatile.) Please ensure you credit those three as well as me when you use these. Usual policy applies (give credit, don't claim as your own and keep it free on a free site. Nowhere near a paysite please)

Also included in the RAR are some curly alphas which I recommend you have a go at using. They add volume and assist the curly look. There is also a README in the RAR.

Curly hair edits list/Nymphyfied

Goslings (Trapping <3)  have made some gorgeous edits using these already. I recommend checking them out! This is a list of hairs made using the above textures by me and other creators ^^

Agustin Long Wavy by me

Coolsims 89 by Trapping

MYOS 15 by me

Nouk Afro by Sundried

Nouk Braid N Curl by me
Nouk Long Wavy by me
Nouk Long Wavy Aelia mesh edit by me

Raon M18 M&F by Trapping

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