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Welcome to Nocturnal. Here you will find downloads for the games TheSims2 and TheSims3. These downloads are unsupported as I no longer play the game. You can download my older creations by browsing the site as normal, and you can find direct links to newer creations in the index below.


Party At Ariel's - Newsea SirenForest curly gradient
Sparrow - Newsea Gravitation curly
Le Fay - Newsea SirenForest curly
Beloved - Bfly88 curly
Femme - Newsea Poison naturals and dyed
Tumblr gift - Skysims 88, Newsea Sweetscar, Newsea Samantha, Newsea Bliss, Newsea Badger Game
Heikki, Erwan and Gabriel - revamped hairs
Browse the hair tag here to see more

Revamped makeup
Browse the makeup tag to see more

Traveller Ink - tribal and flowers on Lilith's Eva skin
Revamped xJonasx skins

Comfy Wear - Needlecream's SS edited
Tumblr gift - knitted dress and rocker outfit
Tanked and Ballet - default clothes

Lowri, Donar, Vidar, Anika, Kittra, Kennet, Norma, Gisa, Adelheid, Comfort, Aleski, Nergui, Adelie, Moira, Daphne, Shakespeare, Noela, Rumy, Iris, Tobold, Leon, Ninette, Rhona, Thierry, Maxwell, Jenni, Lauren, Leila, Mei, Travis, Stefan, Gautier, Gabra, Adriana, Coralie, Janica, Micah, Sabine, Vernon, Aoa, Rosse, Eleanor,

Tealeaf at TheBigTradeOff - hairs, clothes, tattoo
Tumblr gift - 5 ombre hairs
Tumblr gift - clothes
HCove at TheBigTradeOff - hairs, eyeshadows
GoS SSS CiJ for Amalia - hairs, tshirts and sims
GoS SS CiJ for FadeToBlack - hairs, makeup, clothes, objects
Tumblr gift - sims and plants
GoS SS CiJ for improoved - sims, objects, clothes


For my TS2 content

You may include my content in sims/lots as long as these are 100% free.
You may edit my content for other TS2 creations, with credit to me, as long as these are 100% free.
You must keep my creations 100% free. No paysites.
You must not claim my creations as your own.
You must ask me for permission before you use my textures for TS3 or any other game.
If the link on my blog is dead, you can post a new one in a comment.

For my TS3 content

You may include my content in sims/lots as long as these are 100% free.
You may edit and reuse my textures, with credit to me, as long as they are 100% free. I would like it if you asked permission first or dropped me a link, so I can see what you've made.
Do not claim my creations as your own.
Unless it is for TS2, ask permission before converting to any other game.

100% free = no paysites, no ad.fly.


Date: 2016-03-30 01:15 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] miros1
I really like these posts. It helps me find other things by my favorite creators.

One thing: All 4 of the TS3 links go to other threads. Maybe those downloads were lost in the outage?
(reply from suspended user)


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