in which I am procrastinating

May. 21st, 2017 04:01 pm
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see I am in the middle of cleaning the place which I am doing becasause I don't want to trim my nails, which I should be doing but also I want to be doing because I actually should be learning. This is a very multi-layered procrastination, haha.

so here's some stuff I watched lately:

- Guardians of the Galaxy 2: this wasn't a bad movie, but several times I recognized they were making a joke and it just wasn't funny. That was jarring. I loved all the Nebula parts, the rest was forgettable.

- I caught up with Elementary on Netflix and I still love it so much.

- Started with Riverdale. It's one of these "teenager" dramas. Usually I love the first and maybe the second season and then it gets old. But we're in the first season and I totally dig it. Murder, drugs, incest (sorta), what else could you want! XD I love Cheryl and her makeup. I don't get the het pairings, though. They're weird. Imho it should be Betty and Veronica endgame. Archie is boring and I don't get why we're like 8 eps in and he has already the third or fourth female love interest going on wth.

- A Series of Unfortunate Events: I bingewatched it in two days. Very catchy tune.

Any recommendations for series on Netflix? There is so much stuff it's easy to overlook things.


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