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Jan. 27th, 2015 07:36 pm
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Hello and welcome to my new legacy I had to start because my game got all corrupted and I had to reinstall :( I will miss the Kittenbottoms and will try to post the rest of the pictures I had of them because they did get up to gen 3
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or better: the plotty, the porny and the trash!
the last set of recs are going to look like utter fluff next to these.
as per my usual rec rules, finished stories only, no wips!

alright, let's start with the plotty:

Bargaining by proantagonist
Thor dies and Loki makes a deal with a demon to go back in time to fix it. He gets thrown farther back than he expected and gets to deal with his own pain, anger etc while trying to change things so Thor will live. Very satisfying story with lots of "ow, my emotions".

What lies beneath by asktheravens
The Avengers are sent on a mysterious mission. What lies beneath is a Lovecraftian Horror Terror and it's almost enough to rip the Avengers apart. Maybe not read this one late at night, unless that's your kink.

Of Many by Asidian
Of Many mostly means many many ouchies. Bucky gets hold of the Cosmic Cube and it gives him a chance to go back in time to change things. Bucky wants to change his fate so much, he is terrified of becoming the Winter Soldier again, but everytime something goes horribly wrong. D:

Memory by emilyenrose
more McGuffin ouchies! Except this time's the staff, but who cares. James has not recovered his memories of being Bucky, and he's functionally a different person. Loki decides to be a dick and tells James he can have his old memories back and he goes for it. Now Bucky is back and he does not remember anything after the train. He takes it surprisingly well, but he hasn't found out about the Winter Soldier yet. Lots and lots of ouchies in this one.

Mistake on the Part of Nature by idiopathicsmile
okay this isn't exactly plotty it's very short and seeing as it has over 6500 kudos it probably doesn't need a rec, but it makes me feel so vindicated in my dislike of bananas! actually this should be in the fluffy rec post.

SES-verse by arsenicarcher (Arsenic)
Avengers AU with evil SHIELD/evil world. Steve gets whipped every time someone makes a mistake. Rec 100% only for the Steve whump. I mean the fic is h/c, but even the comfort gives not much comfort due to the situation.


Corsets by loki-on-mjolnir (basalganglia)
Thor/Loki AU, total PWP, the title is program. read the tags in case there's something you don't like, I find daddy kink a little grating, but this was okay for me and the rest is super hot.

The Pugilists by ipoiledi
Steve/Bucky, "There’s only one way Steve wants it when he gets like this, and nice ain’t the word for it, that’s for damn sure." angry sub Steve. vair hot.

Easily by proantagonist
Thor/Loki while I could have put this is plotty due to length, what stuck with me most was the porn, so it goes here. Thor had a lovely life with Jane and their daughter, but being a mortal, Jane dies and Thor is crippled with grief. Loki, who Thor thought was dead, comes to help him deal with it. Mostly through sex. And while the porn is good I admit I'm also a sucker for Loki being good with children.

There's My Territory by Dira Sudis (dsudis)
Bucky takes to wearing sexy panties and stockings because it exites him. It also helps with his recovery because he starts taking care of his body. This is mostly a solo Bucky story but ends with Steve/Sam/Bucky.

the downright trashy: mostly stuff I found on the Hydra Trash kink meme, so primarily about Bucky

Rub-a-Dub-Dub by stoatsandwich
Steve/Bucky "“Yeah, you like that.” Bucky sounds damn smug. “You like thinking about me fucking you. And it's not just me, is it? You just like thinking about getting fucked. Bet you like thinking about taking it from a whole line of guys."" more delicious sub Steve, this time with intense rape fantasy dirty talk.

A Hostile Work Environment by stoatsandwich
same author, more sexy sub Steve with dirtybadwrong and oh so hot rape fantasies.

Secondary Function by stoatsandwich
I guess at this point I could just rec everything by that author. XD "The Winter Soldier is waiting for his new handlers to hurt him." The new handlers are the Avengers and it hasn't gotten through to Bucky yet that they are not like Hydra. Any second they're going to start raping him, and he is going to be good, he promises! Especially ouchie the part where he tries to remember which of his previous handlers Steve was, because he knows Steve looking sad means a world of pain for him. ;_;

And I'll Show You Somehow by shinelikethunder (tenlittlebullets)
Rumlow/Steve, right after the Winter Soldier reveal

Blood from a Stone by shinelikethunder (tenlittlebullets)
Steve is captured by Hydra and gangraped. And everytime you think they're done, it just keeps on going! Chapter two is aftermath.

Hm, you know I thought I had more trashy recs, but I guess there are many wips.

katzen asylum, week one!

Jan. 21st, 2015 04:47 pm
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So as I said on my simblr, I am going to post updates on my asylum challenge here. I decided to go by sim weeks since it seemed the easiest way to break it apart? Anyways, here we go.

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