the pre-Civil War Bucky rec list

May. 1st, 2016 05:16 pm
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well I don't know about you, but the new Marvel movie has made me want to read lots and lots of fanfic... mostly Bucky whump. So I thought someone might like to see a rec list of Bucky fics!
All of these are written before Civil War was out, so they are completely spoiler-free!
Warning: Proceed with caution and please read the fic tags.

No Offense by lucymonster.
I will never, ever ever, get enough of Steve and Bucky being really bad at communicating about sex. This ends with the most delicious D/s sex. Sub Steve.

And Bend Your Stubborn Knee by Miles Hibernus.
Another one of Bucky and Steve being really bad at communicating about sex. Ends in somewhat confused rape roleplay. Sub Steve.

Smiling with Red Teeth by coffeestainanalyst
Bucky needs pain to get off. Steve has trouble coping. This is the famous one where Bucky dirty talks about being lended out to all the Avengers. Sub Bucky.

The Pugilists by ipoiledi
Steve needs help to wind down. Sparring turns to rough sex. Sub Steve. I might have recced this before...

Kiss With a Fist by shinelikethunder
Steve fantasies about being fucked by the Winter Soldier. Sub Steve.

And something different: a plotty one where everything goes south and Sam gets captured by Hydra. To Build A Better World by asocialconstuct
Sam gets used as Rumlow's rape toy and to stitch the Winter Soldier back together.

Some more all time favorites, aka I recced these before but I don't care:

Blood from a Stone by shinelikethunder (tenlittlebullets)
Steve is captured by Hydra and gangraped. And everytime you think they're done, it just keeps on going! Chapter two is aftermath.

Out of the Dead Land by emilyenrose
the winter soldier comes to Steve and pretends to be Bucky. He doesn't remember anything but he wants to be Bucky so badly. Also, someone is building robots that look deceptively human. Can Steve tell the difference?

Cross The Same River Twice by littlerhymes
TERMINATOR STYLE FIC OMG! hydra build a time machine to go back and kill Steve before he becomes Captain America. the Winter Soldier follows to save him.

the end!
I can't wait for the fic that comes out post Civil war!!!

writing this list I noticed I also have picked up enough Loki fic for another rec list. Anyone want Loki recs?


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